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    I always loved the boardwalk. And the level of detail on the architecture is great.

    Ferries wheel is defenitely top notch :p look at his swag

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    holy hot molley!!!

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    Wow. Your best work yet. I like how it is less abstract, but still FK.

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    Very hot. Maybe one or two too much textures on the tower on the beach.
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    I love it.

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    So good

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    I'm not super into the beachfront and boardwalk construction, I think its a bit too compact and overloaded on tan.  Perhaps the layering is a little distracting too.


    Also just not a fan of the default Ferris wheel ride in general, it always screws with scale.  It's probably not an issue in this sort of park but idk I just feel like it holds the screen back a bit.


    The archy and atmosphere in the top half is absolutely fantastic though, probably your best work, more of that please.  

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    ^ I actually think for the scale of everything here, anything other than the default ferris wheel would look odd.


    Excellent screen. Still a very big fan of the sunglasses.I really like the textures of the boardwalk and sea wall too.

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    this is very vibey. love the architectural forms

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    I like how vibrant and busy this feels.

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    I think he knew about the Cuba theme before the rest of us.
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    Never expected this would make it, but sooo happy. Very a t m o s p h e r i c. Please finish it guys.

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    Thanks for the comments and feedback everybody. Some quick responses:


    Faas: I updated the structure of the tower's a bit, those were very early in the build for this, so I think taking another look helped. Thanks


    CC9: I'm glad it appears a bit busy, that plays into the theme. I wanted a very crowded, hot, heavy feel for Summer.


    Ziscor: I'm glad you like it, some of your Riviera-style screens were definitely an inspiration for this area (and I believe we both referenced Portofino in our parks)


    G Force: I'm looking at adding some different shades of brown and refining the textures along the boardwalk a bit, at least to help it read. I'm really happy with the overall construction, but I tested out the grey-brown in some places and agree it helps contrast the brown boards of the path above.


    For the Ferris Wheel, i'm confident it won't work at another scale. A larger custom one will just dwarf the size of the area. I see this as a smaller temporary Ferris Wheel (like at a traveling seasonal fair) more than a large permanent one. Though I do agree, the scale/projection of the vanilla Ferris Wheel is a bit annoying, particularly because it fucks with how we added the smiley face. 

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    Absolutely love this, that sunny summer beach feel comes through so strong and the architecture at the top is brilliant.

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    So colorful! That sun is glorious.

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    my avatar very much approves! Awesome stuff!

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    Mr. Smiles makes his debut! Wonderful screen, so vibrant and full of life.

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