Screenshot / Greetings from Canary Mines!


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    I fucking love it. Your best work for sure!

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    I really like the structure for the drop coaster, super cool stuff.

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    Love the first drop on the coasters, and the atmosphere throughout is great. And I adore the way you've used the OG squirrel topiaries! 


    Some things I noticed:

    -The red building is glitching over the blue in the bottom screen. Also, some of the roof pieces are grey on the side of the blue building (like nearest the red building)

    -I'd recommend swapping out your brown path for something without the default hand railings, that way you don't double up on fencing.

    -Maybe try dropping the wooden coaster catwalk on the lift hill by a half tile? It seems a bit snug

  • ottersalad%s's Photo

    Good stuff. Reminds me of one of the areas of our original Grand Central map!

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    My only suggestion would be to have the rapids lift emerging from the water rather than the kind of awkward flat to sloped transition you have right now. Looking good otherwise.

  • Coaster-GEOFF%s's Photo

    Looking really neat Jappy! Such great atmosphere>Those dual verticals feel so nostalgic

  • salsaontop%s's Photo

    Dual Dive coasters? Looks neat. Not much to complain about here, just some great looking shots. I love the teal building in the bottom photo and the rockwork under the building top right the most. Assuming this is a step up from Everland (which I found to be a great park that I revisit on occasion) all I can say is enjoy your accolade when you one day finish this!

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    Looks awesome Jappy. Really looking forward to seeing this park.

  • BelgianGuy%s's Photo

    one thing I'd do with the rapids lift is make it go down all the way into the water so you don't have the border and will look more realistic aswel at the same time

  • Xtreme97%s's Photo

    Looking good, didn't notice the squirrel topiaries at first but they're a fantastic little addition. I agree that the rapids lift should be submerged. Great use of that wood panel wall texture as well.

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