Screenshot / Cedar Creek Park - Teaser screen


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    Note: Did not realize the logo was going to be that pixel-y. I'll see if I can fix it!

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    Very nice, you're clearly a prolific park-builder, and very good at making a park feel fleshed out with what looks like no custom scenery? 


    The coasters look very good, I particularly like the looks of the hyper coaster. I think this was mentioned on a previous screen but the architecture does hold this back slightly. It's quite blocky in parts but by no means terrible, I'd be interested to see what you'd do with a larger tool-kit of object pieces.


    How are you finding this park compared to Redlynch heights? I must admit I didn't look too hard at the architecture because the terrain work was done really well. Keep it up!

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    I'm looking forward to this

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    I really like this. Great colors. Good interaction. My only suggestion is to theme the back wall of the top spin a bit more.

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