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    Cool interaction. It's just a shame that you made (all the cool elements of) the coasters invisible for peeps. 

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    I like the forms here and the interaction between the buildings and tracked rides are great. I echo Faas that the layout of the rides relative to the paths really blocks a lot of views for peeps. I'd also add, the closeness of the red looper, the flume, and the inverted shuttle feels a bit forced. They're interaction is minimal, so instead they are just all kind pushed into the same area, which most parks would try to spread out unless absolutely necessary. Maybe rearranging a few elements would help?

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    I really like the density of the rides, but I agree you could open the space up a bit to make some sight lines. Also a stylistic tip - if you're using the castle wall as a trim on your buildings, I would use something different around the paths.

  • Liampie%s's Photo

    I think deleting all the buildings in the middle will get you the desired look.

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    The medieval plaza is quite nice, but the placement of the looping coaster does detract from the area unfortunately. The log flume is nice and I like the queue elements down there.

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    Very good, I liked the colors

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    I like the colors. Agree that the rides seemed jammed into place especially the shuttle looper. I would scrap that since there's little interaction with anything else. Also agree on mixing the gift shoppe building. Maybe swap it with the swinging ship ride. And definitely switch up the path railing if you want to keep that castle fence as roof details. This will help give it depth.

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