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    Can't wait! Is there something wrong with the windows on the right or is that not fixable?

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    Mm tasty classical style! Liking the spectrum of tan/orange/red/brown colors applied throughout, with the teal as a tried-and-tested accent color. Also like how the building is nestled into the landscape (or how the landscape is nestled into the building). Only thing for me is that it looks a bit massive for how close it is to the map edge. Does the map expand away from the entrance or are you locked in like that?

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    Hmm. The windows I think might glitch a little. The double height windows sometimes don’t work properly for me.

    And yeah, the entrance area here is directly on the map edge. Park is 140x140 I believe. Didn’t trim it down with black tile. The entrance plaza will expand a bit into the park beyond what’s shown so far.
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    Very nice.
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    So nice otter. Well done. Look forward to viewing it.

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    Feels like an old LL entrance, I really love it. 

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    Definitely. Shades of Loopy's IoA Rome. That's good.

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    this looks amazing, the attention to detail here is astounding!

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    Phenomenal. You have definitely found your groove

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    Damn otter this is amazing. Also getting the classic LL vibe. That bottom left portion is so good.

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    Good job
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    Classical style! very nice, very good :)

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