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    I love this as a theme!  I think the colours really work, and it definitely suggests the crazy inventor idea.  Brilliant stuff.

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    Very nice.

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    Very quirky in a good way.

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    Good stuff 

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    That's magical.
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    Quite nice. The colours work well together.


    My only issue is the amount of bushes literally everywhere. I feel like you are falling into a trap of chucking a load of objects down in an attempt to make your work look better, and your work doesn't need that, it looks good without a load of stuff everywhere.

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    Actually, yes. That has been my fear...I've been trying to clean things up a little, but for some reason I have adapted this style of "Put shit everywhere to make it look detailed!", and it must be unlearned! 

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    I'd be worried that if the boat ride was full of peeps it would blow through that turn. I could be wrong though... it's really close.


    Great work BTW.

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    It finishes "splashing" by the time it gets to the turn, but I think I will probably extend it a little.

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    Is that a TT/WW path?

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    Yes it is.


    Looks great, by the way, it's just that the TT path will limit the number of people that will be able to download this.

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    yes, I know....I have "opinions" about people who refuse to WW/TT or even at least torrent it or whatever, It has a few great things in it and I absolutely don't understand why people do just get it. WW is a great pack (TT isn't I almost never use things from TT), and the asian wall sets in WW are actually very nice and useful! I think that path is one of the only WW/TT things in the park, so if I ever finish it I will change the path, but I really like the path, and I don't think another would fit all that well.

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    The reason why nobody gets WW or TT is because the majority of it is shit.

    Plus, all of the decent objects have been transferred into RCT as custom scenery. Hell, i'm pretty sure every single object has been remade as custom scenery. I certainly know that that path you are using, and the asian wall set can be used as custom scenery.


    So yeah, there really isn't any reason to have "opinions" on people who refuse to use it. Why should a large majority of people go out and get something because one or two people still use it?  Why should people pay money for something nobody really uses, and a lot of people might not want to use torrents etc, we certainly don't condone downloading RCT illegally.

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    It's from Wacky Worlds, yeah. If i'm correct there's a non-expansion pack version somewhere though.

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    So, I can't seem to stick to working on one park (Classic ADD me), but here is a work in progress called the mystery Mansion. Idea is that a crazy inventor build some crazy factory/mansion thing...and now it has rides. I was not completely sure about the Architecture. I adapted the style from one of my previous parks I posted to TPR forever ago.

    Sorry for the unfinished screen, I just didn't want to spend WEEKS on a project that would look like poop. Also, I plan on sticking to this park. Trying to complete it!

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