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    This is great! Seems like an entirely different project. No footers for this coaster?

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    Love the look and feel of this coaster, the setting is so picturesque. The upgrades you made to the foliage is great and really adds to the setting in an incredible way. I do think some soft rockwork and grasses would help around the waterfall and above the fence, the edges on the landscaping there feel a bit rough.

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    That is so serene-looking! Love it. I'd maybe look into smoothing the waterfall out a bit with some transitions between the horizontal/vertical surfaces, and perhaps setting it back into the mountain a tiny bit if possible - it kind of looks like it is jutting out in a few places, especially in the uppermost section right below the woodie. Other than that this is really peaceful and convincing and I can almost smell the fresh forest air!

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    I could be tempted to wonder if the land could act as more contoured to the shape of the coaster as if consonance and breaking the shape as dissonance then returning to a chord tone as the rocks play ornaments and further I’m guessing the rocks should be organic yet still discernible rhyme and reason therein a noticeable shape and the trees if we’re discussing their random placements perhaps a more harmonious transition with the darker in center-points spreading outwards darker to lighter and burnt to a crisp with whole note rests or even entire phrases in some of the placement as it seems odd in areas but I love the curvature of the coaster and it’s a nice theme you’ve constructed with that cello made of steal. Makes me want to play but that feeling never lasts. Back to music.

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