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    probably the best screen of this park so far. Has much more life and just overall looks great.

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    Looks awesome!
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    That looks so realistic. Very nice. Maybe change the fence around the coaster so it's all the same in stead of two different types (trackitecture on one side and fence object on the other). 

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    I feel like the game stalls should have much more colour in them. Again, everything here is technically sound, but it just doesn't have a huge amount of atmosphere, and I'm not sure what else could be causing it to feel so different to something like Southwinds.

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    I feel like this is really good and close to being amazing but I just wish it could break out of the grid a bit and be a little more interactive. I'd definitely maybe start by lowering the fences a bit and opening things up more.

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    Not to be that person, but since you’re doing realism I have to point out that the transfer rails aren’t long enough to move the track into alignment to actually use the diagonal storage shed. But the station is too close to elongate the rails. If you shift the lift hill by getting rid of the s-bend then you would gain a tile and be gold to go, but then the turn before the lift needs to be moved back (maybe to sit under the turn after the loop) to tie it all in, or the lift hill need to shift in the opposite direction and I’m not sure there’s space for that either lol. Gorgeous screen though, and I appreciate the curved support work around the turn into the first drop.
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    The arch was a good idea, I liked the supports, screen nice.

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    Genuinely curious about this park, it's looking pretty unique compared to your other work. 

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    Very nice. The placement of the corkscrews with the entrance is fab.

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