Screenshot / Scenes from Sarajevo


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    comment below
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    Looks excellent! Looks like some good usage of elevation here

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    that's some fine archi right there!

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    Nope, this doesn't look like Liam at all
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    Can’t wait Liam!
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    Lovely stuff, excited to see more. 

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    Looks great, but what are you, croatian revisionist/nationalist?! :p
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    I came...

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    Not enough bullet holes.
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    Nope, this doesn't look like Liam at all


    Some of this isn't, good eye.



    Thanks guys. Can't wait for this to be finished and released, may end up being my best modern bench map since Seaquarium.

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    It's a departure from the more messy modern cso that we normally see with this kind of theme that I can get behind.

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    a bit lifeless, is that intentional?

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    The map is set during the 2018 World Cup final, so everyone was indoors watching the telly. In time, they will come outside again. No worries.

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    some nice skate spots

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    haha how cool, it was wonderful :)

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    Park looks nice and will comment over there accordingly, but...


    Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina... Yugoslavia era tolerance?  I think I'm agreeing with Tols here...

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    It was a silly joke. If I got this wrong, I should probably find another line of work rather than teaching geography to kids. :p

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    Lol, is that what you do? I thought you just toyed with excel...

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