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    So good...

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    Wow! That's some of the best scenery I have ever seen! Really nice job!

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    God. This is so sick. Love the beautiful mess of wires stringing along the buildings. 

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    Glad you continued with this idea! One of my favorite entries.

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    I honestly thought this was the best entry. While it might not have as much crunch as Rovinj or Domovina (and these entries have A LOT - so this is still plenty crunchy, I think), it just has an incredible flow to it and there is something immediately believable about it. This fact paired with the fact that this entry also has a proper coaster (and a good one at that) made this the most fleshed-out entry of them all in my eyes. Really great work both of you! Your styles combine really well so it'd be cool if you keep teaming up for the final rounds!

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    perfect balance between colour variation and cohesion in the buildings.

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    Absolutely fantastic.

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