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    Steve said "eh" because you just did Steve better than Steve does.

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    It's a bit blocky but it works here

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    It's a bit blocky but it works here

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    It's a bit blocky but it works here


    I think you mean "bricky"; blocks are Duplo.

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    croatia 2: show me the booty

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    Leon you are the king of building things that look like they do not have enough structural integrity to hold up the roof. Looks good.

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    The trackitecture curves and orange rooves are everything.  

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    I don’t have a single thing bad to say and I can always see something I’m not a fan of, never on your screens though.

    This is everything I’d want in a Legoland RCT park.

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    Needs more beige.

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    Absolutely beautiful! You really catched the Legoland feeling. 

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    Love it!

    you're doing a great job blending the "lego" look and feel with your usual style.

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    Steve will you stop spamming.


    Leon it's beautiful. I've been a big fan of your work ever since NEFC. Good colours, good composition, good theming. Much anticipating your RCT.

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    Nice, i liked all

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    This is truly awesome ! The colors and contrasts work very well here. 

    The only thing that I would change is the brown roof on the upper part of the screen. It's not as vibrant as the beautiful combo of white walls and beige roofs.

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    Damn, this is so good. Excited to see what you build next. 

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