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    This is great, the right amount of detail. Very easy to read, but lots to see and discover. You gotta rotate your damn trees though.

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    Oh yeah this is good shit

  • Coaster-GEOFF%s's Photo
    L o v e this ! ! ! !
  • Goliath123%s's Photo

    that is fucking amazing

  • RaunchyRussell%s's Photo

    King shit. Great work.

  • MrTycoonCoaster%s's Photo

    I love lego, nice work :)

  • Dr_Dude%s's Photo

    the reoccurring train track in two contexts is a bit displeasing to the eye, fantastic screen though

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    Love this. Can’t wait to see more.
  • alex%s's Photo

    Crazy good. You're making the deep colours work really well in this park

  • kenos%s's Photo

    if you think it goes not better and than you see this screen what the hell this details is more than great man great work and idea

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    Oh shit just noticed the “pull yourself up” drop towers. Wow!
  • ottersalad%s's Photo

    Wow, this is so colorful and fun to look at

  • KaiBueno%s's Photo

    This is fun...the lego pieces are as fun a novelty as the Seuss that Toon teased back in the day.  Nice lego red here, though looking again I love the blue glass to the right on the same building.

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    Love the look of this. The colours make this so vivid.

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    Stunning screen, you really nailed the lego feeling into this.

  • Jene%s's Photo

    Beautiful screen. So many great details and still readable

  • nin%s's Photo

    Brilliant, as you already know. 

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    Left to right: Creation Center, Lego Cinema, Lego Studios Store, American Burger Cafe

    Huge thanks to mamarillas for designing the t-rex sculpture!

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