Screenshot / Valparaiso, Chile


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    Dude this is so f*cking good. You nailed this.

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    The modern archy is great.

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    damnn, this is amazing. I'm super hyped to explore this entry

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    This looks stellar

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    I'll never build something as good or as clean as this. props.

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    The individual buildings are fantastic!
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    really clean and nice but where is the 2000m coaster ;D fantastic work

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    The scale of the two modern buildings is so tiny compared to the rest. Other than that, stunning

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    That skyscraper on the left is fantastic!!
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    wow very good

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    maybe I'm going crazy but it seems like every building here is in wildly different scales. Love each building but the whole screen hurts my brain

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    I have the some problem with this screen, Cocoa.

    Still wonderful architecture though. Especially the two older buildings are perfect to me.

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    The modern archy is super nice, but yeah..they do look a bit miniature in comparison to the older buildings.

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    i love this

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    Great archy, but each building seems to be made in a vacuum independent of eachother. Like others have said the scale seems to be all over the place. 

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    Oh man this is the kind of thing that just tickles my balls splendid work one can truly learn from!

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