Screenshot / Zoo Antwerpen


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    Absolutely love this. 100%

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    Overall color ensemble is overwelmingly good. Jelly! Enjoyed getting dunked on by u boys again. Easily one of the contest parks of all time!
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    One of the best screens ever posted on this site.
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    This can probably go straight to the "Best Screenshot 2023" category? Insane screen.

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    That rhino house is amazing man, one of my favorite buildings on the map!

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    Inspiring seeing full-scale work from you and Leon at your best

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    This is nuts! one of the coolest and c****est coasters of all time, werk. This is super inspiring work 

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    An amazing map full of the very best RCT

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    The rhino building was for me one of the highlights of the map, alongside the S.S Belgenland. Love the reference to the Red Star Line

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    Nice, i would lie to see it in action!

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    Genuine question due to outright curiosity: but why the LIM track on the drop? If you wanted the steep-to-flat piece for #flow the hyper coaster exists still. Or was it just for layers?


    That's probably my only nitpick for the screen, obviously it's good. Maybe even great. Better than great? Eh, I can't embrace this pairing in good faith; my feelings are too hurt.

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    If you mean the hybrid track, it's meant to be netting. We did use the large steep to flat for the drop I think since it's now available on corkscrew coasters by default.
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    Next level RCT. I canĀ“t help myself, but keep going back to this park. 

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    its crazy to see how far you have came since the first time we talked and shared screenshots

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    Amazing work guys, pretty much flawless!

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