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    A sublime map with both of you at your best. What a lovely piece of RCT this is!

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    I'd love me a Logan's Brew at the Ale & Compass! Such an amazing style you guys have working together.

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    wtf guys.

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    Pretty astounding, this feels both effortlessly free or any restrictions and yet so careful and precise. My only complaint would be wanting more of it, and wanting that hot sexy Xtreme solo someday...

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    Have you seen any ghosts lately? Well you're sure to meet some here - the abandoned estate of the late Duke is teeming with apparitions and malevolent spectres.. dare you enter the Haunted Manor?

    But if you're not in the mood for a scare right now, Liberty Square has lots more to offer! Grab a bite at Sleepy Hollow or one of our signature Logan's Brews at the Ale & Compass. You can also pick up the latest styles at Statler Street Supplies or Liberty Tree Market, or indulge in some seasonal decor at Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe!

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