Screenshot / #fbf: The Northern Territories (2003)


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    Snow themes are very hard, Aviator while not a master of the game, made an admirable attempt in The Northern Territories - doing not just one area in a park, but an entire park with multiple areas. I think this coaster looks quite good.

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    those butterfly loops are things of beauty; but, then there's the tightest valley of the first drop ever.

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    This was a long, long time ago.

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    very nice curves but I don't think I get the dubble layer of track? Looks odd and redundant?

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    ^ its to mimmick B&M flying coaster track Geoff, because in RCT 1 there was only the vekoma/flying dutchman/lay down track.


    Great screen. I love the absurd foliage mix.

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    aaaaaah, yes, of course..That has been too long to remember, lol.
    Thanks, legend!

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    It flows so well. Just god to look at.

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    why does no one landscape like this anymore

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