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    Still not sure about the grey path, not sure if the color fits the atmosphere, otherwise this is amazing work, loving the overgrown station.

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    As much as I love what you've been building I think the building is a bit too simple for what you're going for. It contrasts hard with the station building for the euro fighter. I would try use similar motifs for the whole area so that it feels like one cohesive land. The framing of this screen could have been a bit better too :p  iaf6gvz2dec31-800x400.jpg maybe something more like this.  

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    There's definitely a big contrast between the derelict wooden shack and the pristine airport hangar. The purple everywhere is great.

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    Love the colors. I agree with Scoop here.. wouldn't be a bad idea to mirror what Stoksy did on Disney's Fairytale Kingdom with Tiana's Palace. Remember seeing that pic in the brainstorming channel way back when.

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    wow i loved colors, details, It looks great :)

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    I really like the area around the station and queue. I also agree that the warehouse would do well in bricks and maybe a bit more ornate- french louisiana certainly carries some of that french colonial vibe. Also, I think some even denser and lusher foliage would do wonders. Especially a few tall palm trees, and where its meant to be more of a bijou forest, you'll want some taller darker trees, maybe even like pines.

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    Top half of the screen is a good vibe; nice colours and looks detailed enough.


    Bottom half of the screen feels like a massive step down compared to everything else you've shown on this park. Far too simple and underdetailed.


    Also, please rotate pirate flags. They all face the same way at the moment, it kinda weirds me out for some reason. 

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    Good stuff! I love the coloring on the coaster quite a bit.

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