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    I love this. So clean! You remain one of my favourites.
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    Looks like the restaurant from Princess and the Frog. If this Disney-film park ever gets released it will be my favourite park haha

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    Reminds me of the SIx Flags Power Plant

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    Looking at this you should play more rct haha

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    Not a fan of the building in the middle, archy looks a bit too random, but awesome for the rest.

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    I actually really like the center building, its the facade on the right side that almost feels unfinished because of its simplicity compared to the other two.

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    Very Nice!!! Crisp, clean, simple (except for the time and effort). Great style.

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    Very quaint.

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    It's all too angular and flat. A lot of it has to do with the excessively-changing roof/element heights and not using foliage in spaces (between buildings, corners, etc.) that would buffer and smooth off the edge. Your path and fence choices, along with how the buildings as aforementioned feel too angular make this screenshot feel unlively.


    I think you have a really good base to go off of to make this spectacular, and I hope you do put the extra elbow grease to get it to that level.

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