Screenshot / Rio Tampa


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    ah, Tampa looks exactly how I remember it in real life

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    so lovely
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    Hey, look how that turned out! - only suggestion is to switch the tiny tile eaves to either wood or thatch
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    Easily my favourite screen of yours, I love how texturally dense and layer this is. The pops of deep orange are great too, enough colour to be vibrant but not commanding attention. 

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    Anything you can do to get rid of the tin can tunnels?


    Looks good otherwise.

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    So good

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    Agree with trav, try and do something to spice those up a bit if possible.

    Great screen though
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    Fantastic scene here. I agree with the tunnels as well.

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    you need a steep drop raftring boat :D like the steep drop log flume nice screen

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    Do I spot a rapids drop?

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    Some of your best work yet. Great rockwork and even greater framing.

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