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    A bit too basic, too cropped and not enough to tell me this a werewolf theme. Develop this more and give us something to look at!

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    And don't forget to add more foliage, it looks a tad unfinished.

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    Oh yeah it’s totally unfinished right now, I didn’t work on foliage at all and just a tiny bit on architecture. Don’t really know if Werewolf is a good name for this ride tbh, I just don’t have much ideas for a name right now. It’s my first map since 2016 so I’m taking things slowly. Thanks for the feedbacks though, appreciate it!
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    Best thing to do right now is not be scared or too preoccupied with the minute things. Just keep filling the map and making content. The more you do the easier and better it gets.
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    One thing to keep in mind is radius of each vertical transition. Adjusting the bottom of the drop would help a lot with flow and overall aesthetic appeal of the layout. While there isn’t any rule written, try to think of things from a rider’s point of view, even in a fantasy world. What would it feel like to hit such a tight radius at the bottom of a drop? Why was the top of the first hill made so much wider when it’s being taken at lower speed? Just some thoughts I had. Plus now it looks early enough to make changes without causing a lot of rework.

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