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    that looks like a fun ride IRL, I have a soft spot for dark rides and indoor coasters. I think I enjoy your work more when I try and imagine the concept as a real life ride executed withiin the weird world of LL. You don't really lean into LL as a style much, which is sort of interesting in its own right

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    I like this, cool playing with the glass colours on the big tower. That said, I don't understand the maze pieces, and I wonder whether the sand path awnings would look better as red tiles to match the castle station.

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    Really like this, the blues are both very striking and the corridors/tunnels are lovely.

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    This might be my favorite screen of this project yet. Magical-looking
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    You're tackling oversize buildings quite well.  Plus little things like the arches in the break are great.  I think the blue wears out its welcome when it comes to the glass globes and I wish that giant awning was the "true" entrance of the ride and was right on the main path.  Great work,  I hope you're able to circumnavigate the technical issues you've been having and perhaps finish your magnum opus.

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    just so good. the blue pops in such a good way

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    Loving the foliage and jagged rocks that outline the helix.

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    Liking the colors, good screen

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    Liking the blue awning.

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    I'm always really excited to see a new update on this park! Your Zamperla Hawk custom flat looks great and the entire park has a nice nostalgic feel to it. I particularly like the launchers: this one, the Volcano inspired inverted and the Togo/Maurer duellers. Cool stuff! :)

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    Djinni is a 2013 development by Zierer. When Vermillion initially approached the company for a moderate-thrill coaster, a semi-enclosed clone of Plohseidon at Freizeitpark Plohn was proposed in order to include a pre-lift darkride scene. However, during the early discussions Zierer were able to share some details on the upcoming multi-launcher Verbolten at Busch Gardens. Vermillion park planners immediately favored the storytelling opportunities of launch and drop-track elements. An exclusivity agreement and the small attraction footprint eventually prevented the drop-track from being implemented - but Djinni includes a full indoor section based on a scaled-down Verbolten plan.

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