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    Amazing logo. And did you just add a third map!?

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    Current coaster lineup by manufacturer - just something to speculate on.


    Vekoma: 3

    Mack: 3

    Intamin: 3

    S & S: 2

    B&M: 2

    CCI: 1

    Morgan: 1

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    Really looking forward to this. Can't stop looking at it.

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    Amazing logo. And did you just add a third map!?

    There exists such a thing as too much fun, so the corporate logo has been classed up a bit.
    efit: ooooor it would be if that didn't result in a driver error page.  The new one looks very nice on black polos.

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    When is this coming out?

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    What font did you use for the "Vermillion" in the logo? Just curious...

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    72pt Bodoni MT Bold/Black, can't remember which, at about 150% character height and 90% character width.  The "l" ascenders are pulled up to match the bigger "V", and the "resort" is Book Antiqua.  Bodoni is a very well-known legacy font.  I think I was using Didot at first, but the hairline serifs weren't friendly enough.  Chose the font because "Hernándo" looked classy and old-world in it.  

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    most anticipating


    most biggest LL project.

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    will you be releasing this in one go or will you release sections in smaller groups?

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    I'm still not sure, honestly. Ideally all at once, but it is likely there will be months between finishing the big maps and it would be nice to have some momentum.

    One of the goals of the project is to win a Spotlight, and I'm not totally sure any individual map could do it. There's a sort of fundamental question here in that there's a mixed precedent at NE for multimap stuff; RCTNW's all got judged map-by-map, but older stuff like Snowdrop and Iris' Sunken Retreat got judged on the whole deal at once.
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    I wouldn't release them all at once, that's too much to digest. It wouldn't do your hard work justice... I'd say combine the maps that are most closely linked and shoot for spotlight with those maps. Just two, preferably.
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    When is this coming out?

    hahahaha aha aha ahahahahahahaha 
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    When is this coming out?

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    The Vermillion Resort is the life work of one man, known to the world simply as Hernando. When he first bought a few acres on the riverside, he planted the trees that are still on the property today and turned his orchards into the finest for miles around. Hernando always loved entertaining the folks who would come to pick their own fruit, so he began to add attractions and soon expanded across the river to create a full-fledged boardwalk. Hernando's Boardwalk has grown over the decades into one of the finest multi-park amusement destinations in the industry, with rides, shows, and all sorts of incredible experiences for visitors from around the world.

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