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    Oooh, step up from your H2H8/8 work. Typical colour palette, but very succesful. Red rock makes it. The bright red is a bit off perhaps, but may look different in context. Hope to see more of this.

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    Thats awesome love the tropical vibe
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    Great colors, this is excellent

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    Great macro,  very classy.  The coaster pops and the colors overall are solid.  I know your options are limited but fence type spam can be an issue in LL as well.  Don't be afraid to sink your trees in the planters one or two levels just to see how that can change the look.

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    Xtreme97/nin duo when

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    Very nice

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    whoosh, so beautiful! Love the water edges and that transition into the cobra!

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    Feel very classic, but maybe LL just entices people to do that? Great nonetheless!

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    I'm not an LL buff but this is very much to my liking! It has a relaxed, natural composition and I really like the color choices. Only thing is it is maybe just a tad bit heavy on the egyptian walls stretching across the screen, perhaps you could break it up a little bit? Other than that a a really pretty screen!

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    I like the cobra roll and the architecture is good enough even though it's a little too classic for my tastes.

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    Nothing better than the good old land wall with fence on top. Nice stuff, well done

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    more please

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    you've got game.

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    pleeeeeeease keep going.

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    love the landscaping and foliage, feels so classic

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    Really well done! 

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    I keep coming back to this. Really dig it.

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