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    Wow I want to build a Universal park.

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    Now this is getting somewhere!

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    The screen descriptions are hilarious. 

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    bumping this because shadow took up like the entire first page also im a narcissist

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    Not a fan of the yellow trim on the roofing, but I love the windows on the brick station.


    I'm not sure the flowers work with the blue path, but great stuff nonetheless.

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    PRE: RCT 1101, RCT 2002

    Students will learn to design something, tear it down, move it, and build it again slightly differently. Students will learn strategies for mitigating alternating euphoria and despair as their life's work changes before their eyes while only under the pretense of control. Can be taken multiple times for credit but grade forgiveness cannot be applied.

    If you keep up with your design studies do you get to have a design graduation?

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