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    This is really really classy, but a bit heavy on the wooden post fence object.  Maybe find a way to clean up those super thick trims on the shorter 2x2 buildings? Overall pretty damn good.  Maybe add some flowers for another splash of color?

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    Wow this is super clean and classy like Ion said. Maybe add a little bit of yellow? Idk this looks really good.

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    A very promising start. I agree that you could do without many of the wooden fence objects as building trims, but overall there's a very strong sense of color and shape here without some of the common sacrifices associated with NCSO.

    (I think that extra splash of color will reawaken when you give those thirsty flowers a drink)

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    Ah I missed this. Hope you will pull through. Love the classic vibe.

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    well this is lovely

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    If you do continue with this just be wary of the fence layering going on, especially on the 2x2s. The rest is great, maybe consider ditching a couple of the trees on the left so the guests can see the landscape?
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    Classy is indeed the correct word for this, love this more simple but more atmospheric approach to NCSO. It's a nice change from all the fence spam and wooden coaster roofs. 

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    Does anybody know how to fix a corrupted OPENrct2 save file? I watch my park again and i see that i lost quite much between my last working save and my latest corrupted park (1 themed area, finishing of the main street, a lot of backstage).

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    In what way is it corrupted? Do you know it's not just an OpenRCT bug?

  • 6crazy6king6%s's Photo

    I just cant open the park anymore. When i click on the save, OPEN freeze for a moment and goes back to the titlescreen.

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    It's nice, but not a fan of the tree spam.  Let guests see the river and the entrance.  The trees before the ticket booth are fine.

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