Screenshot / Fire Storm WIP #1


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    this is sick. nice work with the volcano rocks
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    Everything feels too grid-like.  Almost all your structures seem to be 1x1 buildings smashed together and don't really seem to serve a purpose (or their purpose is very undefined and unreadable.)  Also, this is just too organized IMO for an apocalypse/post-apocalyptic theme.  Where's all the chaos?  I do like the path/coaster interaction, and the colors.  Supports are okay too.


    Also make sure to turn off gridlines before posting a screen.  Doing that would definitely help this feel more organic. 

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    "apocalyptic theme park made out of multiple track types to give it that thrown together vibe."

    If you're going that route it may be beneficial to have a smaller layout as well as different track colors for the layout to give it the impression that it uses different "IRL" type coasters. 


    It looks nice visually though. 

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    How to download this??

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    How to download this??

    it is yet to be released you can check out the project to keep up to date with how progress is going and when the map will be released best estimate for the release will be another 5 months  

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