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    I like this a lot... very nice. The cut off scenery piece forming a smokestack on the roof by the slide is very clever.

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    Hmm....I'm glad that you mentioned that because I think that's a black hole, not a cut-off scenery piece.

    Edit: Fixed. It was a glitchy sprite from lots of zero-clearancing.
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    that awkward moment when.

    Looks good dude. Of the four you posted I like this one the most. Just has a great feel to it and I love the scale of everything.

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    Haha oh... well nevermind then. Still a great screen.

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    It's almost ironic to build this in late 2014. It's nice, still. But pretty unimaginative too.

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    paging MA

    RCT Hipster needed to ironically build park

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