Screenshot / Mini Carousels, Evergreen Express and the Glass Lotus Bandstand


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    Looks good, the foliage is amazing.


    I am still not a fan of those fake leaves. The station of the coaster looks also a little bit dull, maybe you can add some more details to the roof (roof window for example).

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    maybe you can add some more details to the roof (roof window for example).

    not a bad idea, thanks!

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    Excellent stuff. I like the look of the sunken trees and the castle walls.

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    I must say that parts of what youve shown from this on discord made me fear that this park is going to be a bit too simple and boring, but this screen is proving me wrong, definitely makes me excited!
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    I think keeping the flatride covers so simple really payed off and look great. Also love the band stand with all the open grass around it. Good work!

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    Love that chairlift station.
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    I'm not personally a fan of the fake leaves look, I'd rather those were some more intricate roofing like you have elsewhere in the screen. But, I'm just one voice and I think a lot of others really like them.


    Overall, I have to say the balance of theme park elements with a dedication to the Evergreen Gardens foliage-heavy vibe is spot on. It really does feel like a calm and relaxing garden estate with rides thoughtful incorporated. Excited to see more.

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    I like the leaves, overall a pretty charming screen. Not sold on the brown blocks as path though... 

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    Some really great bits in this.

    I love the feel this has. I really hope it keeps the garden style park feel and isn’t overwhelmed by rides.
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    Like that chairlift station, very good

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    Shoot me but I think there might be too much green. Fantastic regardless though.
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    Wow. This is lovely. All is really good, but I especially like the dodgems building

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    DANG! I love the leaf awnings above the steel block paths and kiddie rides, super cute! I really enjoy the mini suspended monorail cars as little booths hidden behind the foliage. 

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    That bandstand is lovely. So excited to see this completed eventually

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    Love the leaf-covers and the chairlift station. Foliage is top-notch as always 

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    Interesting sunken tree effect.  

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