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    comment below
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    Go Browns
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    but mahomes colors are red/white/yellow

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    Go Oakland athletics

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    I dn't see Tm Brady anywhere

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    Nice curves. I like the yellow-orange-red scheme too. Don't add any colour to this mix please, it's strong!

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    You have such a "mature" build style in a lot of ways. I really love this.

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    Here we go, Steelers, here we go!

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    Damn this is great maxwell. I'd probably make the catwalks either all yellow, orange or red just to reduce the amount of grey in the area. Perhaps consider changing a few accents from grey to black too?

    The helix on the left feels a little under supported too.

    Lovely work!
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    I feel like it could use a bit more foliage, especially on the left. The screen feels kind of empty/unfinished. Love what's there though. I like what you did with the RMC track underneath the coaster track especially.

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    great G, love that calligraphic effect from the diagonals

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    Thanks for the comments guys!


    @Otter, Cocoa, Goliath - I can respect those teams/that guy, but can you guess where my alliance lies?


    @Liam - Thanks! And no worries, I don't intend on changing a thing.


    @In:Cities - I appreciate hearing that! Certainly don't hear that often, if at all. Happy you're liking it so far!


    @Rob - It's funny cause one of my best friends is from Pittsburgh, and is of course a Steelers fan. I'm even considered an honorary Yinzer by his standards! I hope to visit someday.


    @G - Thanks man, always happy to hear from you! I tried the other colors mentioned and I just keep coming back to the gray. Off screen, there's a decent amount of foliage and water that I hope will help offset the abundance.


    @Sulakke - Understood! Really acted off impulse in sharing this, but you'll definitely see something there once finished. I'm glad you noticed the layering too! I feel it's something that makes Mako pretty unique among the smaller hypers, and thought the RMC track worked perfectly for this case.


    @][ntamin - Thanks! I'm glad that came across well. I played around with a few iterations with fading color schemes/shaping, and thought the simpler, more bold type worked best.


    **Additionally, I am in need of some shoestring assistance if anyone is interested in a guest spot.


    Thanks again for the responses!

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    Go Browns
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    I know jack shit about the NFL, but I know good RCT when i see it. Really love the use of the RMC under the coaster, another great use of a new ride type. I do agree with Sulakke, this seems a bit empty in terms of foliage but that might just be bad framing of the screen. If not, perhaps consider some extra bushes and grass on the left hand side of this screen?

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    Love this, really nice scene making with the placement of the curve over the path and position of the G.
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    love some good typography

  • Description

    In celebration of hitting year 100, I thought I'd share a shot of the latest (and greatest!) attraction NFL Park has to offer.

    Loosely inspired by Mako and Raging Bull, GOAT is sure to pack quite the punch as it delivers plenty of airtime and sharp cuts that are nothing short of legendary.

    If one thing's for sure, this ride is baaad to the bone and has firmly established itself as THE greatest in the Sunshine State.

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