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    Long time no see Maxwell! Good to see more work from you, liking the direction here a lot, perhaps a bit low on attractions but if that's what you're going for it works pretty well here.
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    Thanks Russ, good to hear from you. Every so often I see you guys pop up on the Hangouts window in my gmail account and I get reminiscent haha.


    This section is meant to be low on attractions, but I assure you there's a ton more! Really struggle to find a happy place between sharing screens and leaving the rest for a future release.


    I suppose it would be a good time to finish something then!

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    Quite nice! Foliage is not really coming together... Too many different tree types, and the palm trees are not used frequently enough to establish them as belonging here. I'd create some kind of visual barrier between the nicely landscaped park bits with palm trees, and the overgrown, unkept, and temperate foliage mix away from the paths. Make it clear what is planned and man-made, and what has naturally 'happened'.

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    I like how chill and peaceful it is. And gazebos like that are usually a win. Well done.

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    @Liam - Thanks for the reply! I understand where you are coming from, and I'll see what I can do. I know it's not fully shown in the screen, but I'm aiming for more of a natural feel for certain areas of the park while others are more manicured. I hope the approach lands in the long run!


    @Posix - I appreciate it, and glad to hear it reads as intended! This area certainly offers a respite from the remaining parts of the park. To be shown soon!

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    Instantly got white lightning vibes from the double up/down and the turn around! noice!!

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    Thanks! I'm happy to hear it's instantly recognizable! It's certainly one of the greatest parts of the ride.

  • Description

    Wanted to (officially!) share something I've been resurrecting these past few months.

    This bad boy is a GCI inspired by White Lighting. It's been dubbed Leatherhead for the hard knocks and old-time speed it brings to the historical section of the park.

    Gardens/nature walk is inspired by Cypress Gardens, at least from memory. The gazebo is also resurrected from my unfinished American Adventure park! Hopefully, it'll see the light of day this go-round...


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