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    I've seen better executed giant trackitecture trees, but the placement on this one is quite unique. Diagonal rope bridge is also pretty ambitious. I don't think I would ever put in the effort to try pulling off either of those pieces.


    crystals are a cool touch too. 


    If only RCT had some sort of skybox effect!

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    This is a bit too messy for me and generally encaptures all the stuff I don't like about this type of NCSO. For example, the wall on the left has 7 different wall types.
    Not a fan, sorry.
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    Im quite a fan of this! You have a very intense and unique style and this park is one of my favorites from you. This tree is quite good, love this water fall too. Crystals are nice! I wish the tree trunk and roots weren't at 90 degrees. Sick stuff man. 

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    I think it's actually rather impressive, given how organic it looks.

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    Love this park. In all honesty I think there are better areas in the park than this screen.

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    I love how the tree looks so proportionate, most giant trees are way too thick and have a disappointingly small canopy. This one looks proper.


    Landscaping is great too with the vines, crystals, and rockwork... cliffs are rather plain and blocky, but I can appreciate the diagonal cave.

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