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    cool to see new screens from a new member using so many new objects! Lovely storytelling as always. your work is turning into something really special

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    I love this ride and idea.
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    I'm laughin at this one, imagining guests sometimes bouncing off the awnings if they don't make it all the way down to the water. 


    The big chunk of rockwork on the left looks great, too.

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    Phenomenal rockwork using those ZT objects. The landscaping is great to the point the in-game terrain textures almost pale in comparison to it.

    Also awesome but insane ride idea... even Action Park might flinch at it

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    Dang this is pretty legit. It looks like fun and you obviously had fun making it. Rockwork is solid, good use of the awnings and the waterfront looks nice too. 

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    Kudos for making those rock objects look good! Fun screen!

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    gorgeous setting

  • Description

    Oy ! employee meeting !
    -As you know we are barely making money with our little village, the goat milking contest is our only attraction and generate dubious jokes from adults, and tons of screaming from the kids which scare the goats, anyone has an idea ?

    -We need to make them scream elsewhere !
    -We need to targets teens and young adults not kids!
    -We need a crazy attraction that makes people fly or something to attract more people !

    Carpenter: hey i've seen something recently !

    A week later....

    -What with the giant crossbow ?
    -No technically this more akin to a ballista, see when people settle here...
    -people ??!
    -Yes guests ! , why you'd think i put those safety nets down there
    -For safety !?
    -Exactly, that's super safe, plus in case we could add a little booth over there where people can sign legal stuff, trust me i'm a carpenter.
    -for safety ?
    - yes , c'mon i've done it 100 times already.

    "settle" ... " fiouuuuu" .... "plouf".


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