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    I like everything except the purple tree, it's a bit too distracting. 

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    You asked for ideas:
    McDonalds mansion (terrifying dark ride)
    Calcium coliseum (could be a show?)
    Coconut cruisers (go-karts or a car ride)
    Healthy Hamlet (mideval area)

    I'll add to this if I think of anything else during the day.

    As for the screen, I like the entrance exit huts with the little details you added, even though I usually don't like them at all. The curved roadline for the lamps seems odd, and I personally dont like the way flowers look on diagonal slopes. Overall solid screen with some pretty cool coaster elements and interaction
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    I would add more lamps.

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    I love this screen. Well done

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    The sun provides vitamin D.  Maybe something related to that? There's vitamin drops, which could fit with any number of drop rides.


    About the screen, I like the array of colours, and I think the purple adds to this rather than distracts.

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    How about the 'Cholesterol Drop'? Or the 'Vegan Streak' coaster. Or something involving bananasplits and Frans Bauer.

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    The foliage here is ... exuberant?  Can I use that to describe RCT?

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    lol liampie, bananasplits and frans bauer are both really unhealthy


    nice screen faas, but i wish there was more there, right now there's only a couple of minor buildings and i'd look better if there was like 1 2 story building or something

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    I may be in the minority but I think the purple tree adds a lot to this screen. Very nice as usual. 

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    I like the purple tree, it gives a subtle color not normally seen in RCT parks and makes it feel more real
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    Yeah in this case the purple tree actually looks good.


    Again, Faas shows he is supreme when it comes to foliage.

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    I love the swoop of that coaster, and the path interaction there. 

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