Screenshot / Naga Entrance/Exit


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    Yet another awe inspiring screenshot. This has the potential to be one of the best parks ever if you finish it.

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    Oh, wow. wow wow yes wow. love it. perfect colours, warm atmosphere, feels so real. 

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    Obviously a brilliant screen, but I don't think it's as good as some of the others (although that may simply be because of the unfinished area behind the buildings).

    My only hope is that 1) this gets finished, and 2) you don't hit the object limit too early. Not sure how big the park is but given the amount of detail going into this I'm sure you'll hit it eventually...

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    Wow ! You really have finish something !

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    Holy tits! This is amazing

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    I still think you need a splash guard by the eatery tables.


    Great stuff though, full of atmosphere.

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    So so glad you're working on this again.  Lovely stuff man.

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    just awesome :D

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    This is a breathtaking screen for sure. There is nearly nothing wrong with this screen at all. The sunken tree meant to be a big bushy bush will definitely benefit from some smaller shrubbery around it to hid its clear undergroundness (although obviously you have that planned). Other than that, its honestly a shame the coaster is an Arrow because I feel that those supports ( lovely as they are) detract from one of the best structures I think you've created. Every time we think an architectural style has been overdone, you find a way to refresh it. Nice job!  

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    When's the Robbie and pacificoaster duo happening? Is there such a thing a double spotlight?
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    will you please stream this? please? i just want to be frands again....

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    I would love to stream again, but I can't get windowed mode to work for me for some reason. If anyone has any any alternative methods, I'd love to know!

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    oh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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    and you've done it again, you went and made any asian inspired screen pointless because this is obviously superior...

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    The best way to not have those thoughts is to make something so beyond crazy different that it cannot be compared in any regard to this aka Swoon Surrealism Shit! 

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