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    Very cool and completely different from your previous work, neat! Only critique is that the shore feels a bit angular, especially on the left side. Possible to work some curves into this?

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    i saw the thumbnail and thought i accidentally posted a screen

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    Haha Josh.


    This is very exciting Otter. Looks nice! Love the vibrancy. Trees are a bit too much perhaps.

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    I don't think this is all that good, but I suspect this is a quantity over quality type map?


    Sloppy rocks, sloppy foliage, sloppy land textures, sloppy, sorry.

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    I agree with Liam, you have a lot of straight and hard edges going on that could be smoothed out. Feels a bit unnatural.

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    Pirates! 2.0?
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    It could be cleaned up here and there, but this already is very promising. Rootin' for ya, Otterdude! Go get that green title!

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