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    Oh dude this is exceptional!


    I still think that the path could use a bit more to liven it up. Bring back that purple accent color in some way! Also, peeps will play a huge part in that of course.


    Top notch work sir

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    God this is so good. The architecture and foliage are so lively, but like Josh said I wish the paths got some love as well. I love the operator shanty near the twist.

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    Looks good. Reminds me of Egghead a bit. I can't figure out which numbers he used in his username so I can't compare it to his work directly.

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    Very nice! Your archy and theming have gotten really good otter, lovely style too. The pathing perhaps feels a bit blocky and angular though, perhaps it could be a little more nuanced to reduce the amount of long straight edges.
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    The customization of Pirate Gully it was great
    Good idea with the roofs (I dont know if the right word would be to use "combined" or would it be the word "harmony")   :D
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    Something new here in your style. Exciting to see.

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    Cool screen, terrible crop

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    Thanks for the kind comments guys :) 

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    Really lovely scene set here, atmosphere is out of the roof!

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