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    It's great, I love it. Only thing I'm not keen on is the brown path awnings - they look oversized with the otherwise miniature scale.

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    LL and wooden wild mouse always works for me. I like the interwoveness of it all. 

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    Wish we saw more of this stuff nowadays.

  • Ge-Ride%s's Photo

    I really like it.  Half makes me want to play LL again.

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    It's great.  Awesome interaction on a much more spread out wild mouse.  It's always nice to see a bold use of the urban texture and with the single tile it has a scenario charm to it.

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    Thanks guys! Your words are motivating to keep going. I see your point alex. I might try replacing them with something finer, if I can be bothered. Me doing LL is typically when I can't be bothered, and I just want to enjoy free flowing building, without looking back.

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    Dukn love that

    Now i want to make a big wild mouse
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    I like this building style

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