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    comment below
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    Very clean looking. What characters did you use for the vertical sign to get that shifting effect?

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    It looks like ][

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    I love this
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    Looks like brackets, Ots. [] ][ [] [ [ ] ]


    This is awesome, Terry. Crazy Taxi was the first game I ever had on Play Station 2 when I got the system for Christmas as a kid. It's also got a pretty solid mobile port, I'd recommend.


    Excited about this project!

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    Really love the construction of the car ride and the coaster, particularly the supports. I think there is a lot of unique ideas for supports that can be carried from NCSO to CSO, this being a great example.

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    everything in this screen is sexy
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    Yeah this is awesome, Terry.  Great stuff.

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    hey hey hey its time for some craazy taxi are you ready? here we go yayayayaya

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    Really fun theme here, and really solid execution.

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    I can't wait to see it in action!

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