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    I always love a good bowl of spaghetti, and this one tastes fine! Surroundings are a bit of a mess though. New project?

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    I like these new support and footer objects. The coaster colours are cool too. Like Liam said, the surroundings could use some work. Especially the rocks (unfinished?) and the planters.

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    Cool footers! Also respect for the effort you put in the supports, thats not an easy job.
    I don't really like these black rocks and foliage. They need a bit more love.
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    How on earth do you make supports for this?
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    Coaster looks fantastic, all the things around it are a bit meh, but probably unfinished? I hope you'll do the coaster justice with the surroundings :)

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    cool footer, what great patience do these supports, this gives a lot of work, it looked good and I liked the colors.
    MK98 said: "They need a bit more love" i agree.
    I like the black fence, I think it looks perfect.
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    someone forgot to trim the bolts on the footers

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    Thanks for the comments.

    Surroundings were rushed to a psuedo-finished state so that I could post a screen to show off the bowl itself. Patience is a virtue I sometimes lack.

    Footers are also new objects. The outdoor versions of Premier LIMs appear to use something similar, where the supports are bolted into one continuous slab rather than individual footers. The bolts were kept a bit longer than necessary so that they'd be visible and obvious. Replicating the idea was a bit more important than getting them perfectly accurate. Plus I think they look cooler this way.
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    Oh man the supprts are nuts.  The footer object looks good but might need the contrast dialed back a smidge; the bolt casings seem to jump out more than the flanges on the other support objects.

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    Still astonished at the sheer patience and meticulousness for those supports. Great color choices too, I'm exited to see how this ties into the surrounding theme. The footers are gonna be used from here on out for realistic releases IMO, a great object. 

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