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    He's back, and he's fresh!!! Love what you're doing with the advancements of the game. Excited to see more.

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    Inspiring seeing you back ten years later and adapting to the new meta. I do feel like the supports are a bit thin and spread out though. Cannot wait to see how this turns out!

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    Love this!! Your feel for texture, color, form is as strong as ever


    One thing I think might be helpful that isn't very intuitive: if you open up the tile inspector and click on ride supports, you can drop them in the element order below the surface. This tricks the game into thinking that it's below ground and any supports will disappear

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    o shit

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    It's great to see you building again.  I see some J K fingerprints in the pathing which is cool to see mixed in with some new object types.  This cinematic high fantasy setting seems like something you are well suited to tackle. 


    A ride could easily look out of place but you've pulled it off and chosen the type well.  The lift could use a little work,  both hiding the vanilla supports using the tile inspector as well as beefing up the supports there,  maybe some wooden arches or something along those lines. 


    As a whole the screen is a little disjointed but this feels like something that translates better in game.  The spires feel both natural and carved so the placement of them is a little strange.  It's likely a reference that is going over my head though.  Overall,  great job and it's good to have you back!

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    Really reminds me of Hagrid's Motorbike Adventure when it comes to the deco, really cool.

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    Really nice atmosphere here
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    wow, i love this. glad to see you back

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    Not completely convinced by the composition of elements here, but the execution of the individual pieces is very nice and refreshing.

    Good to see you back.

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    Interesting to see where this goes! I echo the comments about the path, but aside from that, THE LEGEND IS BACK!!

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