Screenshot / Town Hall Haunt!


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    Nice structure but the trim colour isn't working for me - it's a beige overload and the contrast w the green is too heavy. Try matching the roof colour for the top surface of the crown moulding and going with dull brown for the underneath, maybe dull brown for the corner stone pieces too.

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    Looks awesome AJ. The blending of those roof tiles! Chefs kiss.

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    Wow this is insane!
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    sees trains O.O


    that ride building looks cool. maybe different roof tile color?

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    One of the best in the game right now. This is too good
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    Very convincing AJ. It feels like you're levelling up, and I'm excited for it.

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    Great stuff AJ. Looking forward to this one!
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    My dude's hungry for the green name. I'd expect this kind of stuff from a player who's been around for at least a decade.

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