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    Best landscaping I've seen all year.

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    Rockwork is obviously wicked slick. No notes there.


    I think given the attention to detail with the rocks and foliage, go the extra mile with the land textures elsewhere: use flat texture objects to round off the squareness of the textures underwater and on the beach, etc and include some underwater foliage sparingly. I think that could be the one thing holding this back from being essentially perfect for me.

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    Steve makes a good point! I also noticed the second rock arch much later... Design the background (colour and texture choices) tactically to highlight the rock arch contours.

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    Everything is phenomenal, but that rock arch? Stunning.

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    The rockwork, from a technical perspective, is impressive.


    However, this might as well be a completely differernt game than RCT. It's lost its roots.

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    You should have the thick foliage at the top of the grass areas to block the straight line where it meets the rock.  Then you can leave the top more open; I think you have the look reversed here.

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    Awesome. Looking forward to seeing more.

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    Everyone out here doing Pirates! parks

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    This landscaping is nuts! Love the work you've put in this Jens J. I don't agree this looks non-RCT, it's just RCT 2.2.0. Agreeing with the good dr. that the foliage is reversed. If you look up tropical cliffs you can find great real life examples. I recommend the 'Kong Hanging vines' and the 'hanging shrub' in combination with the foliage mix you already got going. 

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    This rocks!

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    This is just great! Amazing rockwork you got there.

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