Screenshot / Shine bright like a lighthouse


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    Very cool. Could use some refinement, but the shapes and ideas are there. 


    always loved your use of elevation in your projects

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    Brilliant, love the scale. 

  • 6crazy6king6%s's Photo

    Not brown enough, 20%.


    I love the houses on the lakeside, i really like the little details that you put on those. The boat is also very cool.


    The only bit i dont really like the the roof of the lighthouse. Maybe you can swap that with the dome object?

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    Oh wow. Bursting with fun!
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    I really like the atmosphere and the flatride. Not sure what the workbench was here, but I sens that you rely on the tricks you know in NCSO a lot. That makes sense of course, that's what you're best with, but I'd really like to see what you could do if you're a bit more out of your comfort zone.

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    i love the palette, and as mentioned the scale is great. Keep going on this project :)

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    you in h2h will be awesome

  • Goliath123%s's Photo

    great theming

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    Damn, this is amazing. The texture/trackitecture work with the lighthouse is genius, the rest of the screen looks a bit more classic/unrefined compared to it but it's still nice.

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