Screenshot / Alexa, play the Jaws theme song


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    #piratevibes #hawtrct #jawsbigmouth #gradientrockslookingmightyfine #attaboyjensj #damncoolropecourse

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    Yeah this is sweet
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    I love this cave entrance : the details of the sculpture, the diagonal, the black fade, this cave is perfect!

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    Man that sharkheaded cave entrance is so genius! Overall pretty great atmosphere. 

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    This is next level. Incredible work Jens J

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    Wow this is fantastic. I love how you've got some height variation in the high-ropes and how it traverses the cliff.


    Idk how realism-focused this project is, but you might want to consider some kind of fence/barrier between the picnic area and cliff edge

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    The cave entrance might be sick but the absolute star of the screen is the coaster sign with the snake devouring the coaster car


    I think you might need rails on that pathway there otherwise you'll get problems with the insurance.

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    The cave entrance reminds of the Monstro scene on Storybook Canal at Disneyland, so props on that.  Sign is cool, but I'm not sure of its placement.

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    Always excited for your work.

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    Oh yes I'm going on an adventure!
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    I was going to rate this highly but then I saw the trunk color of the palm trees.

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    You have rapidly become the master of rockwork. Really excited for this project and to see what you do after. If you continue to improve this rapidly and with this quality of work as a product, I think parkmaker is assured.

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    Maybe would consider adding a few grass trim pieces or something around the beach to soften the transition from sand to water.

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    I love how the water fades into darkness in the cave... that really makes the screen so much more atmospheric.


    Awesome screen though... I'd love to go here.

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    This looks sick!  On the topic of the picnic tables, I think you should just get rid of them, they distract a bit from the focal point of the shark cave.

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    thats one of the best landscape i seen here you grow so fast up into cso amazing that cave is next level

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    this is great, landscaping is second to none

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