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    I think you could have played around with the color a bit more. Beige doesn't scream future guggi style to me IMO.


    Outside of that great work

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    When the great sci-fi gods created retrofuturism, this is what they envisioned.


    You've even made those weird topiary objects blend well. From what I've seen, you're the first to accomplish such a feat!

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    Like it so far! Gonna need some time to let this sink in though. 

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    Well improved! I agree with Thethrillman, colours could be streamlined better in my opinion. On the other hand, there could be unity in diversity as well when I see the bigger picture.

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    Your fencing game is beyond.

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    Your entire game is beyond.


    My favourite park maker and project by far, this is inspiring.

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    This is fantastic!
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    Just stunning... Wow...

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    Amazing screen. I do still think the paths would be better without the lines tho, or in a less contrasting grey perhaps?

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    This is great

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    Curious if you switched the beige to white.

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    Agreed with alex; the path design is sick but overall distracting. It's the first thing to catch my eye and since they are paths, I would knock that as a negative. In fact, with how much is going on in the screen, I would suggest not only dialing back on the path decals but maybe using a less textured path in general. The rest of the screen is otherwise stellar, dude!

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    Absolutely outstanding. Like x-coaster back in the day, just so far beyond/different to what everyone else is doing. LOVE it.

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    This is beautiful ugly retro-futurism in it's prime years. Huge fan of your work Pants. I do agree with Steve and Alex that making the pathlines less visible could make the rest of the screen pop even more. Could use a darker grey or just black or maybe even that really dark blue that's going around in some of the palets. But regardless of what you chose, this looks phenomenal.

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    The pathing does draw too much attention, but other than that. Another screen to start drooling. Awesome!

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    Thanks for the kind words, everyone. 


    The beige will probably stay. I'm pretty committed to that rct2wwtt sandstone skyscraper look lol


    As for the path, I wondered if it would draw too much attention. I'll give it another pass. Figuring out the right balance of colours for this area has been a real uphill battle 

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    I like the path and the beige. retropolis is a great name too

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    This is just absolutely delightful, and agree with coco I wouldn't change it. You were already at spotlight level, and now you've developed your style further, and applied it to such a funky theme. Amazing.
    So keen to be seeing this park, best of luck with all remaining process, and thank you for making this.

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