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    legendary member

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    Stunning work as always pants. Only thing I'm not sure of are those large trees on top of those manhole covers. Keep these awesome screens coming man :)

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    Legendary stuff

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    Pack it up

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    this is a really facinating use of textures, love it, makes my brain go ooooo 

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    absolutely spot on. love it love it love it. so interesting to look at

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    So much life and character on top of the fantastic technical work, amazing.

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    This is just so good man. Stunning.

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    Damn dude. This is amazing. Please keep these amazing screens and parks coming. 

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    everything is so detailed so nice go on with this

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    I'm thinking the logo would be more readable and better looking in bright yellow. The scene is so colourful, many elements are competing for attention and I think this is one detail that should maybe stand out more. That's as far as my criticism will go.


    The central structure with the peach domes is boner inducing.

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    Just gorgeous.

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    i think we need a new parkmaker category for you

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    You sir just won RCT, congratz

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    Incredible. Makes me want to build something Disneysea.

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    Pure talent

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    Jesus fucking goddamn.

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    The level of quality, execution, and particularly innovative thinking in use of some age old pieces is pretty astounding. Hard to do much but gawk, as there is so much good with very little to critique. Only thing that stands out to me is the building on the bottom right with the red pendant thing kinda merges with the structure above it in a weird way. Moving/altering one in even a small way might make that distinction of space better. Otherwise, this is golden. Inspiring and crushing, lol

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