Screenshot / Sunset Boulevard


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    I don't have much to say about this. Apart from the fact it's realy, really good!

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    Very robbie-esque. I enjoy it a lot!
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    Stunning to see how your style just keeps elevating itself. I'm not quiet about the fact you're one of my favourite builders right now.

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    I came

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    Really good, every screenshot from you is always a great source of inspiration!

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    We're not worthy!

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    Low-key but I love the backing to the billboards. To me it's very very good, but perhaps a little haphazard? The buildings don't seem to quite fit together optimally from this scree.

    Is this supposed to be a true thenepark such as Universal Studios?
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    The way you use the tall blue building for visual framing is just chef's kiss

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    RIP local news, but cool follow-up use of the press office.

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    The architecture in this is just incredible. It has the perfect mix of unique textures and colors you can get from grid-oriented construction with the unique shapes and forms offered by carefully crafted moments of grid breaking. Really exciting work.

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