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    ugh thats so delightful man! love the warm color pallet

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    Good stuff, enjoying this.

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    That's a very nifty use of the mushroom object.  Overall it's very classy and I think it has a number of choices that give it a unique look,  such as the reverser coaster and landscaping textures.  Maybe a little too much wood roof,  especially at the bottom center and you should be able to sort out the worst of the object glitching if you delete and rebuild the path.

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    idk, maybe there could be potential for a lattice-type path coverage, with or without foliage, beneath the sky bikes. But it's really so nice as is.

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    @milo: good shout. I can try to vary the roof textures. I think this entire area is the same roof type. Oops!


    @Luketh: trellis/lattice could be a nice layer. That'll be something I add later I think. Trying to complete the ride line up before going back to details like that. But I'm a fan!

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    Really love this! some of my favorite LL I've seen recently

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    Great use of the rich, warm colors to contrast the brown and beige structures. Monorail cycles deserve more attention in general, so it is a pleasure to see them used here to create more vertical space.

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