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    To prevent war the galaxy is on Orion's belt.


    Great screen overall. I don't recall a ton of B&M hypers in LL and I've always liked the way the train looks.  Great prelift placement,  queue (perhaps work in a small bridge?) flowers and foliage.  The station is a nice larger structure although the simple 2x2 chunks distract from it.  The balcony idea you have could be incorporated into the main structure. 


    Card wall signage is always a fun little flourish.  You could play around with the ghost train color and my preference would be to try a tile of path around the outside edge of the wall,  rather than having it be such a harsh dividing line splitting it in 2.

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    Lovely. One of the best uses of pizza roof I've seen lately- just a little bit goes a long way with that, in my opinion. Excited for this park

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    Beautiful composition and the station structures are really well done. Even down to the subtle use of brickwork for the building supporting the coaster coming out of the station, everything is great.

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    Lacking in cohesion a bit, but definitely very nice!

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    Liking this a lot! Not mcuh to say about it, just keep going. 

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    Kinda wishing there was a bit more archy here, or it felt a bit more "built up".  Overall, just more nice LLing thats very hard to not enjoy.

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    honestly i think the pizza rooves are dragging it back - finish it, dingus!

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