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    Very cool. I really like this project as a whole. Tritone flowers are great, and elevation is superb. Not sure about the coaster colors though. I like the peach supports, but I'm curious to see a different color track.

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    Very cool. Greenery is a feature. I like how you're keeping the uniqueness up with this. Can't be easy.

    Can't decide on the narrower diagonal path bit on top. Looks a bit like a bottleneck.

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    The little catwalk tree planters are really clever I might have to steal those.
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    I am fan of this! I love the modernism.

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    The little catwalk tree planters are really clever I might have to steal those.



    Great screen Liam! And do i notice a palette? Somehow the grass looks slightly yellower, and the greys too.

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    Composition, interaction and support work are all so good. Love how clean this looks too.

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    A bit too much white for my liking.  Perhaps changing the coaster track color would resolve this issue.  Also, the rubbish bins on the terraces seem to be in odd spots.  I think placing them in between the tables instead of directly behind them would be a better location.

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    Good to see a new screen of this project. Pretty cool overall, I like the different layers of height and the coasters that flows through it. I think you should repaint the track though, there's already more than enough white in the background so the coaster blends in a bit too much imo.

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    This is really great. I agree with others that maybe it is a bit too white and that repainting the coaster could be a good idea. On the other hand I do think it being a bit too white fits this particular style, so even if it doesn't look the most aesthetically pleasing it does fit, if that makes sense.

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    Love this park, Liam. I think the flower beds could use some work here, though. The color transitions are rather harsh - straight lines. I've got the same issue with the pavement and grass. When do you see these hard lines in real life? Composition wise it's a great area, but I think a player of your calibre could get more out of it with better texturing and coloring.
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    Liampie, are you TrojanHorseMeat on Reddit?  If not, someone is trying to pass off your work as their own.

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    Thanks guys! I understand the comments on the white track, but I'm quite confident it should stay white. I was less confident on the peach supports, so it's reassuring to not get any complaints there.


    @posix: I will look into the bottleneck again... Maybe it's not such a crime to have a footer on the path there. It's kind of strange how the planter bulges out. It's alright in the general park layout, as this plaza is kind of a dead end for the main path layout - it's only small paths beyond this point. So you can argue it's not really a bottleneck. Anyway, I will look into it.


    @alex: no palette! This is a quite traditional park. No palette, no curves, no half diagonals. SV6 even.


    @Sulakke: see above. I can do better in places, I see an opportunity to make the path transitions better. But the octagonal grid is by design!


    @Dark_Horse: thanks for looking out to me, do not worry though. That is my account. :)

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    I don't mind the white coaster, but I do think the two buildings visible in the right half of the screen could use an extra trim/accent colour.

    Love the foliage!
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    I was away for a long time, but I can see that your talent is continue amazing in the details and architecture. I loved it :D
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    The more you look at it, the better it gets.

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